Running a business – whether small or large –
is hard enough without the added burden of
planning and filing taxes

There are many complexities businesses – from the largest to the smallest – must address each year when preparing for and filing their annual tax return. In fact, small business owners spend more time preparing and filing their taxes than any other.
And with tax codes changing yearly, the chances of making mistakes are high.

It’s time to partner with an expert who will do the work for you, so you can focus on what matters most.
Running your business!

Keith Early, CPA, specializes in:

Tax Planning



Tax Planning

Tax planning and compliance are critical to the
long-term success of your business. But if you’re
diligent about comprehensive tax planning throughout
your fiscal year, then tax compliance won’t be as stressful.

A well-defined tax plan is designed to reduce your tax liability throughout the year. A good tax plan also projects both personal and business tax liabilities and identifies the solutions to avoid any tax pitfalls.

Keith Early, CPA, uses software that allows our team to run multiple scenarios to help analyze the tax impact of potential decisions such as:

  • Hiring new employees
  • Buying or leasing new equipment
  • Contributing to retirement plans

State & Local Taxes

Business owners face many challenges when it comes
to paying state and local taxes, including the growing
world of eCommerce, which has many complex tax issues.
As online sales continue to grow, so do the challenges.

States are becoming more aggressive in their
sales and use tax efforts. And it’s not just the large companies
feeling the crunch. It’s down to the smallest of businesses


Tax Compliance

Tax laws are constantly changing, so it’s essential to hire
knowledgeable tax experts who will ensure your
business is tax compliant. There are lots of concerns
business owners need to be aware of that varies depending on:

  • The location of your business
  • How you structure your taxes
  • Your industry

Keith Early, CPA, understands the complexities
of many types of business, including:
• Corporations
• S-corporations
• Partnerships

Additionally, we prepare fiduciary income tax returns.
We can also assist businesses that require multi-state returns
and prepare a return for any state with state income tax

The team at Keith Early, CPA has the experience to protect our clients

Having previously served as a sales and use tax auditor for the
Florida Department of Revenue, Keith lends his expertise to every client.
Mr. Early has represented more than 200 clients in sales and use tax audits.


“State government agencies have oversight for our massage school. And to stay compliant, we’re required to have an annual independent review of our accounts by a CPA. Keith Early was recommended by another CPA who was not interested in being involved with such a complex project.

Mr. Early was very responsive to our timelines and particular needs and managed each stage professionally. As a result, we never had any concerns that we would not meet the deadlines required by our authorization agencies.

We know our accounting is being handled properly because government agencies routinely scrutinize the reports from Keith Early without any issues.

Laurie Craig

President, Georgia Massage School, Inc.

Say Goodbye To The Stress of Filing Taxes


It’s easy to get started with the team at Keith Early CPA:

Step 1 – Assess

We begin with a complimentary consultation to understand your tax and accounting needs

Step 2 – Prepare & Implement

Next, we prepare and implement solutions to solve your tax and accounting challenges

Step 3 – Plan

Finally, we create a long-term plan designed to protect you and your business

Choosing another accountant can cost you money.

Keith Early CPA will expertly handle your tax and accounting needs to protect your business and  your family, so you sleep better at night.


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