KAECPA - Your Virtual CFO!

Business owners often understand what a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) does, and for some smaller businesses may perform many of those duties themselves. The CFO is a corporate officer whose responsibilities include financial planning, recordkeeping and managing risk as we;as providing data analysis to the CEO or board of directors of a company.

Over time, the CFO's role has expanded from being an analyst and financial gatekeeper into an even more essential role as an advisor and confidant to the CEO.

The majority of small and medium companies do not have the wherewithal to afford the salary of a full-time CFO and as a result the term "Virtual CFO" has come into vogue. A Virtual CFO can provide essential services to the CEO and board in a full range of financial responsibilities at a fraction of the cost it would take to hire a full-time CFO.

KAECPA has the experience and expertise to act in this capacity for your company. Whether requirements are for a limited engagement with specific guidelines or a more robust involvement, we are able to analyze your situation and provide advice on what would be most helpful, over what timeframe and for how much money.

If you think the services of a Virtual CFO might be what you need to manage some of the responsibilities described above, contact KAECPA for a consultation.

At KAECPA we have several tools we use to facilitate analysis and reporting.