Fathom is an easy to use, management reporting and financial analysis tool which helps you to assess performance, monitor trends and identify improvement opportunities. Fathom helps you to measure and track the financial & non-financial KPIs which matter most and turns financial data into accounting intelligence.

Take a few moments to view the video overview below:


Some of the features of Fathom:

Analysis – Fathom offers a comprehensive framework for performance analysis – tools which help you to achieve substantial performance improvements.

Reporting – Fathom assists you to create and deliver insightful management reports – and do so with exceptional efficiency!

Alerts – Using Fathom you can define your own KPIs (or select from a range of recommended KPIs) and then monitor performance against targets.

Benchmarking – Fathom helps you to see the big picture – compare, rank and benchmark all your companies/clients/franchisees.

Fathom integrates well with Xero as well as Quickbooks. Creating management reports and dashboards has never been easier. Contact KAECPA for more details on how this software can enhance your decision-making and goal-setting process.