What is Outsourced Accounting?

I’ve videotaped a short video describing outsourced accounting. Please take a look if you have a moment. We can help businesses in a wide range of circumstances free up resources and take accounting related headaches off their plate.

This is the process of outsourcing the accounting and reporting function to a qualified accounting firm. Many businesses know that their system is flawed they know it can be done better – and they want better information to help them understand the financial performance – they just don’t know how. Businesses are good at what they do – they are not all accountants, and they don’t want to be and like most small businesses, they don’t have the expertise or the resources to hire a full time accounting staff.

This is where We step in. We have the experience and tools to help. We take over any or all of the accounting tasks – We can invoice customers- pay the bills- reconcile bank statements-prepare financial reports-and meet with the owners to help them understand the performance of the business and make plans for the future. This way the business does not have to maintain accounting personnel or software. And it takes away the stress of worrying if the accounting is done correctly.

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