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Why Did I Get Into Accounting?

Welcome to my KAECPA Blog. Please take a moment to view the following video. It explains why I decided to become an accountant many years ago.

When I decided to start my own firm – I met with many business owners – I visited their businesses- I took them to lunch and asked them what they really wanted from an accounting firm. I asked them what they are looking for that they are not getting with their current firm
and what they are looking for is proactive information they can use to manage and improve their business. They need information on earnings performance- information on cash flow- they need to know what is working and what is not – And they need to know how to use this information to better run their businesses. We don’t provided clients with a pile of papers with difficult to understand numbers and then stop there.

When I met with the business owners I found out that they really didn’t show a lot of interest in the traditional financial statements that accountants have been providing for years.
They want something that is quick – that is easy to understand – They want a way they can pull up real time numbers anytime anywhere –they want to be able to pull it up on their smartphone or tablet – And they need someone to sit down with them and help them understand the information they are getting.

I developed a system delivery model that allows us to do just that.
We leverage the newer cloud based accounting technology to gather and summarize the transactions. The client has an app on his smartphone or tablet where he can view financial reports and dashboards. They can also pull up this information on a PC.

We meet with the client on a regular basis and discuss the numbers. We talk about what the numbers mean. We talk about what is being done right and what can be done better. We set goals and talk about how we are going to measure future performance.